We are Bakers with a PHD in Business

Whether it’s serving an award-winning Bite Size treat with your coffee, or treating your clients to an unexpected gift to show them you care, it’s the little things you do in business that define your reputation and create a point of difference between your business and your competitors’. With this firm in mind, Bite Size Coffee Treats was born 9 years ago as a premium solution for businesses that were seeking to make an impression. Great businesses don’t align themselves with just any product, they know that it takes something truly special to get people talking. With 80 Royal Fine Food Awards & a very rare Award of Outstanding Excellence to our credit, the results speak for themselves.


We are bakers with a PHD in Business. Not only do we commit to providing exciting flavours with whole fresh ingredients we’re happy to give to our kids, but we pride ourselves on understanding what matters to the customers you are trying to impress. Virtually all customers want the same things: more value; bit of love; unbelievable taste and quality; superior customer service.  In today’s competitive market, understanding what customers want is the first step to successful business operation. The second step is giving it to them.

"The Accompaniment Experts

With a solution for every industry, it’s no surprise that experts have heralded Bite Size Coffee Treats, the Perfect Coffee Accompaniment. "

It’s Biscuit Marketing!




Royal Fine Food Awards

In 2012, Bite Size was awarded the Award of Outstanding Excellence, one of the highest accolades in the field of baking, awarded to only 4 products in the last 30 years.

“In the Sydney Royal Fine Food shows, we reward those companies who transform fantastic raw ingredients into outstanding products such as these Bite Size Coffee Treats. The RAS of NSW uses qualified, independent judging panels and maintains the same high standards every year. An Award of Outstanding Excellence really is something very special.”

Lydney Milan, Celebrity Chef & Founding Chair, Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards




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Jeremy Dakis

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Susan Kotrotsios


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Suzanne Dakis


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